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Of the People:

Peterson Vazquez is an Army disabled veteran, having earned the rank of sergeant and most recently, he earned the Master of Strategic Leadership Degree at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Vazquez was born and raised in the City of Rochester, enlisted in the Army Reserves at 17 years old followed by active duty Army in 1997. In 2003, as a single father, he returned back to Rochester with his sons. Remarried in 2005, Vazquez now resided in the Town of Henrietta with his wife Kristine M Demo-Vazquez, Esq. and five children (Brandon - 21, Solomon - 18, Sylus - 15, Alyssa - 15 and Brent - 11).

An entrepreneur and small businessman, Vazquez is the founder of Simply Served Process Servers, Inc. Most recently, Vazquez worked for the U.S. Department of Treasury and serves on various volunteer boards and committees in the community.

As a Christian, a son, a father, a husband, a disabled veteran, a servant leader and a proud hardworking American who holds true to his values, and demands accountability, integrity, responsibility, and respect in all his dealings, Peterson Vazquez fully understands the issues that matter to all of us and knows that to fix a problem a leader must first listen to those whom he (or she) leads.

Please ponder the following question... are you and your family better off today than you were two, four or even six years ago?

A People First government is a government that ensures the American Dream with the promise of affording endless opportunities for all Americans to achieve prosperity through hard work; the promise of a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.

Since 1778, the motto of New York State has been "Ever upward" or better known as "Excelsior", but "Ever upward" has been overshadowed by:

  • Incapacitating high taxes,
  • Inadequate job opportunities,
  • Intrusive government,
  • The polarization of voters,
  • Increasingly divided race relations, and
  • The lack of incentives to encourage upward mobility...

Peterson Vazquez believes that again we can be the State that is moving Ever Upward.

Vazquez is running for office because it is alarming to think of what our children will encounter in their future.

Let's again be the State that is moving Ever Upward. Let's put an end to partisan politics and begin putting People First. Let's rebuild a strong middle class with meaningful jobs, reasonable taxes, and a growing economy and most importantly we must no longer allow our community to be the 5th poorest city in America - that is most assuredly not our American Dream!

As your representative, Peterson Vazquez will earn the seat of the 138th Assembly District, and serve as a Servant Leader who believes in People First - working with any willing New Yorker to bring accountability, integrity, responsibility – and respect – back to Albany.

God Bless!


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Peter Vazquez for Assembly
138th Assembly District (Chili, Henrietta, City of Rochester)