Servant leadership allows for effective and real representation of the issues affecting our community. Providing an opportunity for New Yorkers to partake in the governance of our State as well as a focus on formal & informal education reform are key factors in resolving all issues affecting our community.

Education Reform

Many public school systems are underfunded, and worse, focused on social issues versus focusing on teaching fundamentals such as; reading, writing, math and logic, and the sciences. Our community needs students who can read and write in order to provide for their future families and contribute to the betterment of our community. Higher education may not be for everyone, but being able to effectively read and write will allow those that choose to seek work within fields such as the building trades, electrician & painter apprenticeships and grassroots healthcare workers to achieve the American dream of owning a home and self-employment.

Economic Development

Peterson Vazquez believes in creating Jobs by invoking the entrepreneur spirit within our community. Although many areas within our community have realized growth, many areas such as the inner-city has experienced the opposite, as companies have chosen to leave, forcing those seeking jobs, but lacking resources to look towards social programs as a lifestyle. Small businesses operating within the community demand employees that can effectively read and write. Small business owners will hold accountable community leaders who do not place education as a priority.

Mandates and duplication have become an unnecessary burden on hard-working taxpayers as well as a burden on grassroots efforts seeking to better our community. If we reduce or outright eliminate mandates and duplication within services, programs, and systems the savings can be passed on to taxpayers and grassroots efforts serving those in need within our community.

Peterson Vazquez is committed to fight for lower taxes for homeowners and businesses. An entrepreneur and small businessman, Vazquez is the founder of Simply Served Process Servers, Inc. and understands the challenges that small businesses and start-up companies face when trying to do business in New York State. As Assemblyman, Vazquez will collaborate and work in a bi-partisan way to assist local businesses succeed and expand.

A simplified tax code allows for individuals to understand what it means to “pay their fair share” hence encouraging tax cuts for hard-working families and small business owners in order to encourage homeownership and investments into local community based businesses. Allowing a small business to enhance and promote innovation increases opportunities for the community while bringing awareness to the war against drugs and violence which plague our community.

Some believe that increasing taxes help fund our services; the reality is the more New York State taxes, the less incentive there is for innovation and job creation causing many to live in poverty not realizing their potential for growth.

Protecting Employees

Overregulation and the mishandling of taxpayer dollars have placed both public & private employee benefits and pensions in harm’s way. It is the belief of many that those who work hard should be rewarded fair and equitably. No public or private employee should have to worry about their benefits and pensions because some of our elected officials think it is ok to not listen to their constituents and overregulate or mishandle taxpayer dollars.

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